In 2016, Robert Jones and Rick Fulter kicked off their idea of providing TV and Hi Fi consumers with the ability to know and understand the products that they wanted before they bought them. This was after Rob unsuccessfully purchased a TV which had none of the features that he expected, given the weird-sounding terminologies which were hard to make sense of.

Today, the blog provides information about different Hi Fi and TV systems for different market segments. It aims to bring back sanity to the tech consumer market and allows people to make the right choices when making purchases.

As of now, the team has grown to over 15 writers and contributors who are dedicated to obsessing over new tech products in the Hi Fi and TV segments of the whole technological industry.


We are mainly entrenched in the Hi Fi and TV segments of the technology industry and we might consider expanding to other sectors in the future. Whatever your role is in the entire tech ecosystem, our blog is there for you with up-to-date content that will help you keep tabs on the current tech landscape. We are always on the look-out for emerging trends which we feel will have an impact on tech consumers. We are also a one-stop solution for people who want to research technology related issues.

Our Mission

  • We aim to deliver the latest trends on tech issues that matter to you.
  • We are always reviewing new products in our labs to ensure that we deliver the best reviews, give you snippets that you won’t find anywhere else and provide up-to-date info on each of our products.

The Future

We aim at providing rich content that will allow consumers to make the best decisions when buying their products. We make it our mission to provide all the information available on particular products of interest in the market.

We believe that the future lies in tech; therefore, consumers need to know exactly what they are buying and why they are buying it.

The introduction of the internet of things has also complicated everything for those people who are not millenials (which happens to be a huge percentage of the population). Therefore, there’s a need for people to understand the products which they purchase and how they can be integrated into other technologies that they have in their homes or offices.

This is our niche and we are more than happy to provide consumer-related products and problems and receive applause from our happy readers from around the world.