Latest Hi Fi Tech And What To Expect In 2018

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With traditional looking Hi Fi systems still being produced by many manufacturers, one might think that Hi Fi technology is stagnant. However, there are a number of Hi Fi systems that have all the hallmarks of a futuristic design.

Most of the latest tech has been compacted into a design that produces powerful sounds while maintaining its aesthetic beauty.

Here are some of the latest Hi Fi technologies and a glimpse of what 2018 has in store for audio lovers.

Modern Vinyl Records Vs. Cds

This doesn’t sound futuristic. Yes, we get that a lot. The truth is that more people are starting to embrace vinyl records as opposed to CDs. When CDs came into the music scene, they were seen as a compact way of delivering music to masses. In order for music to be burned into the CD, a lot of quality has to be compromised when compacting the audio. This is the same reason why people now prefer to go back to vinyl records which preserves sounds in high resolution.

So is this the future? It might just be a fad but what comes out is that people are increasingly driven by quality rather than compactness. A new technology that can be able to preserve music in its original form without compromising on quality can be widely accepted in the market. We should brace ourselves for the next game changer.

Internet And Wi-Fi

Wireless technology is by far the best thing to happen to music systems, especially with the onset of Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi compatibility. Before, most music streaming occurred through Bluetooth and other services like Airplay (which are still being supported). However, the main undoing to this was the fact that these devices would be draining a lot of power when streaming music to the system.

Wi-Fi and internet access has made things easier for now. You can access any audio file that you need online, get access to music that you’ve uploaded online and make use of streaming services like Spotify and Amazon. In a way, the Hi Fi system, just like TV, is inching closer towards the internet of things concept.

Multi-Room Technology

The ground has just been scratched on wireless and multi-room technology and there are already many systems that are incorporating the feature. Not only is it futuristic but it’s also convenient and saves a lot on costs. During its onset, not many consumers knew exactly how to use a multi- room system set-up. With time, people have begun appreciating the sheer power of being able to play different music content in different rooms. This means that you don’t have to get two different systems for different rooms because of differing tastes in music. Anyone can select the type of music they want to listen to from the system, channelled to different speakers.

What To Expect In 2018

Music consumers should expect nothing but the best in terms of music system integration into the entire home.

There is also the possibility that more systems will end up being wireless, compact and sleek in nature while packing power that equals their more bulky counterparts. (see top 10 Hi Fi Systems of 2017)

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