Are Bigger TVs Really Worth Paying The Extra Money?

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Whether it is the Premier League match, Wimbledon or the Game of Thrones series, people prefer watching their favourite games and shows on a bigger screen TV.

The bigger the TV is the better will be the experience. However, the cost of the bigger 60 inch or 70-inch screens can be quite expensive, making you reconsider your decision.

So, is a bigger TV really worth the high cost? Here are a few considerations:

Better Immersive Experience

Watching sports on a bigger size TV screen makes the experience more immersive

Watching your favourite sports, movies or TV shows on a bigger size TV screen makes the experience more immersive. A 70-inch screen can actually make you feel as if you are among the crowd cheering on the players in a football match or any other sports.

Even if your family and friends crowd in the living room, the larger screen ensures you get prime viewing experience. Regardless of whether your living room is small or huge, the big screen televisions give you the best seating, so you can see the picture without any distortions or hazy images.

Alright, But What To Watch?

Got your brand new TV set? Are you sitting comfortable. Wait for the first disappointment – there is absolutely nothing to watch in TVs right now. You need to look properly for satisfying video content and we come with helping hand.

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Crystal Clear Images

A few decades back, larger TVs had considerably low picture quality than the small screen TVs as the movies, games and TV shows were created for a single size screen. This can adversely affect your TV watching.

With the different technologically enabled TV models available now including smart LED TVs, QLED, OLED, etc. it is possible now to get high definition picture quality. The color and picture clarity are impeccable, and the contrast of colors is deeper and more lifelike.  So, a bigger screen entails better quality images.

Choosing Appropriate TV Size

Choose the approriate TV size

Contrary to popular belief, the size of a TV does not depend on the size of the room, but on the distance between the TV and your sitting place. If you watch the TV from 6 feet (or 2 to 2.5m) distance a smaller 42-inch-high definition TV is an apt choice. If the watching distance is 3 m or more and the style of the room is modern and contemporary in design, you should opt for a larger 65-inch TV screen.

However large TVs are not an interior decorator’s favourite. For interior decorators, the large screen mars the appearance of the room. This is the reason they often use artwork or other type of décor to cover the screen when it is not in use. But for a sports lover, the bigger screen is the first choice due to the immersive experience it provides.

The Price Factor

Coming to the main issue of price, bigger TVs generally cost higher than their smaller counterparts. The 4K range of TVs, which incidentally are better detailed than the HDTVs, have different cost range based on the TV brand you buy.

The price range for TVs that are 40 inches to 55 inches do not show much of a difference. But when you consider 65 inches and up the prices are astronomical. This is because of the cost of lighting up such a huge space. Rear lighting as well as difference in build spikes the prices. This is more pronounced in the curved TVs.


In the end, the price you pay for the bigger size TV depends on your TV watching habit. If you watch sports, movies, TV shows and play video games, a bigger size definitely provides value. The immersive experience and crisp picture quality are crucial issues that help decide on the size of the TV. With the advanced QLEDs, 4K and curved TV and many others flooding the market, technology in TV is improving in giant strides.

And many a time watching a game with friends at home in front of a 70-inch screen trumps watching the real game. And for sports and movie fanatics this factor can tip the scales in favour of the bigger screen TVs, even if the price is on the higher end.

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